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Calculators and utilities

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This page is an index of calculators, utilities and toys that I have developed, for the Web and for mobile platforms.

RPN calculators
Emulators of "Voyager" HP-10C series

Emulators of Hp-1xc RPN calculators by EPx


Web HP-12C emulator
Web HP-12C Platinum emulator
Touch Fin for Chrome OS
Touch Fin for Android and iPhone

12C with Black‑Scholes

Web BS-12C
Touch Fin Black-Scholes Edition (Android and iPhone)


Web HP-11C emulator
Touch 11i for Android and iPhone


Web HP-10C emulator


Web HP-15C emulator
Touch 15i for Android and iPhone


Web HP-16C emulator
Touch 16i for Android and iPhone

Financial calculators

Damn simple financial calculator

Other calculators

Simple Black-Scholes calculator
Black-Scholes calculator with option spreads
Option writing margin estimator

Utilities and toys

Biorhythm graph
Simple geolocation data dump
SimplestGPS for iPhone
Morse code player
Learn Morse using the Koch method
Gerador de nomes de repartições públicas (humorístico)
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