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Calculators and utilities

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This page is an index of calculators, utilities and toys that I have developed, for the Web and for mobile platforms.

RPN calculators
Emulators of "Voyager" HP-10C series


Web HP-12C emulator
Web HP-12C Platinum emulator
Touch Fin for Chrome OS
Touch Fin for Android and iPhone

12C with Black‑Scholes

Web BS-12C
Touch Fin Black-Scholes Edition (Android and iPhone)


Web HP-11C emulator
Touch 11i for Android and iPhone


Web HP-10C emulator
Touch 10i for Android and iPhone


Web HP-15C emulator
Touch 15i for Android and iPhone


Web HP-16C emulator
Touch 16i for Android and iPhone

Financial calculators

Damn simple financial calculator

Other calculators

Simple Black-Scholes calculator
Option writing margin estimator

Utilities and toys

Biorhythm chart
Photo Friend - exposure calculator & light meter
Simple geolocation data dump
SimplestGPS for iPhone
Morse code player
Learn Morse using the Koch method
Gerador de nomes de repartições públicas (humorístico)

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