Javascript HP-12C emulator

For those who like the HP-12C calculator, this emulator may be of interest. It has been tested on Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7.

I have always liked the HP-12C calculator (in fact I have three of them), and always wanted to write a HP emulator. The current state of Web browsers and Javascript allowed it to be written as a Web application, so (hopefully) everyone can use it, using any client platform.

The emulator aims to be very faithful to the real thing, to the point that even most of the calculator's limitations are reproduced. The programming mode is fully implemented (though it needs to be tested in more depth). Most of the math has been checked against the real calculator, and should give the same results to the 8th or 9th decimal digit.

The main (intentional) differences are: the ON button behavior (which toogles between decimal point and comma) ; and program memory is not shared with number memory, so typing a 99-step program does *not* reduce number memory from 20 to 8 positions -- you can always use all 20 positions in the emulator. (IMHO it would be pedantic and pointless to reproduce that particular "feature" of the real calculator).

It seems not to work in IE6, so patches and suggestions are welcome.