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This article expresses the author's opinion at the time of writing. There are no guarantees of correctness, originality or current relevance. Copying the whole article is forbidden. Transcription of selected parts is allowed provided that author and this source are mentioned.

As I have announced in my ex-blogs, I am abandoning the blogosphere. From now on I work and write for my own site. The old blogs are still running but I am going to pull the plug in a few days.

I'm not going to use some blog generator (like WordPress) in my server. From now on, everything is static HTML. The only blog-esque technology still in use is the feed, but it is a site-wide feed, not just for new articles.

For example, if I make some relevant change in the Black-Scholes calculator, I announce this via feed, but the feed will point to the calculator page itself. I will write "posts" when there are relevant, additional information that justifies the effort.

Another "blog remnant" is the Logbook. It is a page where I keep links to "smaller" articles (blog-like, news-like or announcement texts), as well as old blogs' archive.

Note that I already have another page that contains articles deserving the name. I still feel the urge to keep this separation :)

I abandoned the blog format because I feel it is obsolete, or at least overexploited. For those who can't or don't want to keep a site, a blog is probably the best option to express opinions bigger than 140 characters. But, for the folks who also have a site like myself, the blog is kind of "predatory competition" for scarce resources: spare time and inspiration.

On top of that, I am still nerd enough to enjoy keeping a server, have control over my content, develop RSS-generating scripts etc. Most colleages can't hear about configuring Apaches, doing HTML etc. but I really like to do that, and keep my dexterity on such things.

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