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SCTP performance test - 10Mbps network with 1% packet loss, variable latency

Scenario: COP as server, SOLDIER as client, Ethernet 10Mbps with varied latencies. Packet loss fixed at 1%. Messages of 500 bytes.

Throughput - variation of network latency


Network latencies in ms, throughput in kbps (1kbps = 1000 bits/s).

Throughput falls as latency increases because reception buffers become too small for the "latency X bandwidth product". As in other tests, SCTP is hurt by packet losses if the network is low latency. As network latency increases, SCTP disvantage decreases.

Transaction latency - variation of network latency


Network latencies in ms, transaction latencies in µs

As happened in throughput test, packet losses hurt SCTP, due to high minimum RTO, mostly when network latency is smaller.