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SCTP performance test - 1Mbps network with latency, packet loss and duplications

Scenario: COP as server, SOLDIER as client, 1Mbps with 50ms ±25ms (50% correlation) latency, 1% packet duplication, fixed packet loss of 0% or 0.1%, messages of 500 bytes.

1Mbps bandwith is achieved through traffic shaping at reception, which imposes a variable packet loss if transmitter sends too much data. Also, fixed packet loss 0% or 0.1%.

Protocol and packet lossThroughput (kbps)Latency (µs)
TCPM, 0% loss710100204,25
TCPM, 0,1% loss740105480,30
SCTP, 0% loss652108955,25
SCTP, 0,1% loss682109036,00

The small fixed packet loss of 0,1% could not influence in results. Indeed, the performance was a bit better with the loss than without it. But the differences can be attributed to normal variance of the tests.

Traffic shaping imposes additional variable packet losses. As usual, SCTP was more sensitive to that losses because of the high RTO default value, which translates to a bigger transaction latency. In the other hand, the small fixed packet loss of 0,1% did not affect SCTP but did affect TCPM.